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Todd F. profile

This is the best stuff I have ever spread all over my body! I spend over 150 days hiking and camping per year and am constantly exposed to dry air, drastic temperature swings and long periods in water. I use one pump of the infused oil with the body butter and I haven't felt dry all season. Also, my girlfriend really likes how soft my face is now that I have been putting the Ma'in All-Purpose Oil in it after I shower.
— Todd F.

Beth B. profile

Love love the Ma'in oil. My face soaks it up. I noticed too that the dry spots really take it in. Out of every product I use it the most. The charcoal mask is amazing. I've used it a few times and i really felt like it sucked out a lot of impurities. I even put it on AJ and his face looked totally rejuvenated. At night I use the cleansing tonic when I'm too tired to go wash my face. That and the oil is perfect just before bed. The Goodbye Grief Headache Relief balm is amazing. I actually gave to my mom and she loves it.
— Beth B., Apothik Ambassador


Carol M. profile

Thank you so much for your box of amazing products. Your products are superior! (I'm not just saying that because I know both of you!) The lip balm is the best I've ever used. It absorbed into my lips instead of laying on the surface like other lip balms. With other lip balms my lips dry out again quickly, but that didn't happen with yours. Loved it! The body butter and oil actually healed an area of my legs that is usually rough and chapped all winter. It absorbed into my skin rather than being greasy. (I stopped buying body butters because of that!) The products speak for themselves.
— Carol M.

Lesley O. profile

Living in Houston, I am always very skeptical of putting oils on my skin, especially on my face, because of the intense humidity we have year round. So when I first tried Apothik Nature's All Purpose Oil on my face, part of me expected my skin to feel oily and weighed down. Instead, my face felt rejuvenated, hydrated and light. I now use the Ma’in Oil as a part of my nightly regimen and my skin feels and looks great!
— Lesley O.

Ace F. profile

I don't know what sorta magic juju you put into the Ma'in Oil -- but recently, due to all my bad decisions, I've found myself with some new zebra stripes (stretch marks) on my belly and I figured, "Why not give it a try?" I put some of that oil on my stretch marks and I don't know what’s happening, and I know you can't get rid of stretch marks, but these bad boys are disappearing. DISAPPEARING!! I've put the oil on them TWO times and THEY ARE DISAPPEARING!!! Magic.
— Ace F.


I started using the lip balm you gave Nick. Now I didn't have high hopes, I have chronic dry and peeling lips, nothing helps, nothing. And literally I noticed a drastic difference within hours of applying your product, I WAS SO SHOCKED! So clearly you guys know what you are doing! — Audrey M. 


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